“Five lessons every entrepreneur can take away from Shahrukh Khan’s experience”

Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan are synonymous with each other. From his early days on stage plays to his appearance in 80 iconic Indian films and global fame for over a decade, the Indian actor, producer, and television personality has made an impact in every aspect of entertainment. However, he is often known to reminisce about his humble beginnings.

If you’re starting your own business, it’s likely that you will face struggles and challenges. But, even the King of Bollywood has been through these obstacles. Here are some of the most inspiring lessons from the Superstar that will help you “hang in there!”

Lesson 1: Step out of your comfort zone

“Being brave means feeling scared all the time. But don’t let your fears hold you back. Open them up, acknowledge them, and turn them into your greatest source of courage. I promise you, nothing will go wrong. But if you live in fear, everything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong, and you won’t even have lived life to the fullest.”

Lesson 2: Embrace your uniqueness

There is no such thing as “normal.” That’s just another word for lifeless. Madness is a crucial component of a happy and successful life. Don’t hide your quirks and idiosyncrasies. Embrace them and use them to define your own way of life. The most beautiful people in the world, the most creative, and the ones who made a difference, did so because they embraced their unique qualities.

Lesson 3: Stay positive and don’t panic

“When life hits you with all its force, a fancy car won’t bring you comfort. A friend’s kindness will. And if you can’t find a solution as easily as you would like, don’t panic. Everything evolves over time. Even disasters eventually resolve themselves. Give life space to move at its own pace, and be kind to yourself when you’re struggling or in despair.”

Lesson 4: Ignore the negative voices

“All the labels you give yourself or that others give you are just that, labels. You are not defined by them, no matter how flattering or unflattering they may be. What defines you is your heart. I speak from experience, as I’ve been called all sorts of things on social media, but I know that my heart defines who I am.”

Lesson 5: Stop complaining and start taking action

“Whatever is holding you back, it won’t go away unless you stand up and start forging your own path with all your might. Don’t attach yourself to sadness or happiness, as both will change with certainty. Accept them with the understanding of their impermanence and handle them with a healthy dose of humor.”

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