Creating a Safe Space in the New Normal

Our response to Covid -19

With the various variants of Coronavirus emerging, our safety measures have also developed. We are always committed towards the care and safety of our people. Adaptability with time is our speciality and we haven’t been lenient in taking the right measures needed as per the situation.

Our role as a workspace providing organization includes not just assigning office-space to individuals but it also revolves around maintaining the safety, security, hygiene of the centres and also implementing the right measures to protect the people involved with us. Rest assured, we have amped up our safety protocols and are fully prepared to deal with this.

Details of the assistance measures we’ve implemented thus far are provided below, along with a collection of resources that we hope will assist you in adapting to these times.

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are unique, so if you have recommendations for how we might further help you, please email Every communication received will be read by our team. We vow to listen to your concerns, learn from your suggestions, and continue to explore for methods for all of us to manage this situation with sensitivity.

A Safe Working Atmosphere

We have ensured providing a safe working zone to people visiting. With temperature checking at entry, sanitizer installation throughout the office, proper sanitization of parcels before taking in and availability of masks for everyone, we have ensured in ticking all the boxes to maintain security.

Routine Center Fumigation

We have verified that our centres are sterilised in accordance with the MHA’s criteria. In the future, all of our facilities will be cleaned on a daily basis. All cabins, workstations, common areas, washrooms, server room, meeting room, reception area, and so on will be sanitised.

Fully Vaccinated Staff & Co-workers

It is obligated that every staff member and all the co-workers using the space must be fully vaccinated. Those who lag aren’t allowed to use the space for the sake of other members’ safety.

Availability of Medical Assistance

Our working centres are fully prepared to help you assist in every way possible. Medical emergencies can erupt anytime and thus to provide proper health assistance, we have the medical experts available on call for you.

Social Distancing Norms

We follow the social distancing guidelines and, thus, even the shared spaces have been separated by barriers. Thus minimizing the contact and enhancing safety. The SOPs directed by the government are completely followed.

Safety Equipments

Our office-keeping and support personnel have been instructed to always use protective face masks and disposable gloves. And we have already filled our distribution centres with the necessary supplies.

Cleanest Cafeteria

Our eating zones are cleaned thoroughly with cooking being done under strict safety measures. We have also included disposable dinnerware such as plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, stirrers, and so on. This will result in minimum body contact between two persons.

The war against coronavirus can be fought with a shared mindset and separated presence only. We request you to follow the safety guidelines and cooperate to make this world a healthier, better space. Let’s stay apart to fight this war together. Stay Safe