Are Coworking spaces worth the expenditure?

The year 2020 has been a time-changing event not just in terms of the pandemic and its effects but also for businesses. While some businesses were impacted badly, innovation led to a boom in some others. With the shift of work culture from offices to homes, the need for coworking spaces also amplified.

People are not much familiar with working from the home system and it also has its own complications. Factors like household distractions, increased inability to focus, boredom in working alone, network and internet issues, decreased productivity and efficiency have led people to believe that home is not the right place to work from. This resulted in individuals renting special office spaces and seeking out coffee places or work-cafes to rescue. But this is also not the right solution since various challenges like inadequate office management, other distraction, extra expenses, etc prevail.

Coworking Spaces are the places that are the breakthrough for these bottlenecks. An office space designed especially for the working professionals along with a great administrative yet cool environment. Also, excellent networking opportunities and a brilliant crowd to collaborate with. All this without any hassle of managing the space and distractions can only be provided in the realms of the coworking community.

If we come to the monetary terms, it can be concluded that these agile offices are not that expensive when compared with other working options. These workspaces are available at minimal rates and also provide flexible leasing options. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, new startups, and small businesses find these coworking office spaces to be very effective and economical.

If we look at an estimate, currently there are more than 850 coworking spaces in India, and the number is destined to increase as per the current demand. As the current situation of working from home is continuing, there are teams as well who have started shifting to these coworking models. Also, these workstations are not just a part of the metropolitan areas. But have also percolated their presence into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India. The increased demand itself gives a peek into the affordability factor of the coworking spaces.

With a wide market to grow, here are some factors which proves the fact that coworking spaces are affordable :

Flexible Costing Plans In Coworking Space

Coworking Spaces provide individuals with personalized plans as per their needs. The availability of customized seating options makes it feasible for professionals to plan their workspace as per their budget.

There are varied workstation options like fixed seats, hot seating plans, meeting rooms, conference rooms, private offices, and virtual offices. Individuals and teams can select the plans according to requirements.

No Added Expenditures

Several cafes and workspaces leverage additional charges in the name of miscellaneous activities. Coworking spaces have clear payment plans without any hidden charges. The one-time cost is all that you have to invest and then all you need to do is focus on your dreams.

Free High Speed Internet

The Internet is the fuel on which we run today. Everyone knows how frustrating slow-speed internet can be. Coworking offices have primarily taken care of this need. In Coworking a complimentary high-speed wifi facility to let the coworkers work without any interruptions.

Skilled Office Management

Everyone has felt the need for office management staff to run our errands and help us bring our coffees during Work–from–home. At coworking spaces, you will get to enjoy the efficient service of office-helpers with complimentary coffees when you need them.

Great Networking Opportunities

For entrepreneurs, the chance to network plays a vital role in growth. The availability of a good crowd where you can mingle and find options to collaborate or grow your business is very rare and expensive. Breaking the barrier, co-working spaces come up with regular networking meets and other events to bring people together, thereby providing great growth options at no added cost.

A distraction-free environment in Coworking spaces

Ain’t it a blessing to work without any distractions and lead yourself towards goals without any distractions? Coworking spaces provide exactly the right kind of productivity-inducing atmosphere that you need to focus on your dreams. And peace, at whatever cost it comes, is always to be cherished.

Amidst the array of coworking spaces, Cubispace is one such coworking office in Lucknow and is spread over around 8000sq feet. Matching with the office needs of Lucknow, and their expectations from a workspace. Situated at a convenient location. Connected with prime areas with flexible seating options, dedicated relaxation zones, and a great community to network with. Cubispace provides varied high-end amenities and gives you the work-life you can boast about.

Know the benefits of working from Coworking spaces. Learn more about coworking in Lucknow.

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